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Breaking the rules… or not


Posted Friday, November 27th, 2009
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Breaking the rules can produce powerful results.  The unexpected grabs attention.  By using mixed media I open all the doors to creativity, leaving the how-to rules behind.

My inspiration for a new work can be a thought or a visual.  I usually focus on the obvious or the absurd (sometimes one and the same?).  I choose to work in the abstract because it leaves room for interpretation.  It doesn’t tell the viewer what it is supposed to be about.  It invites the viewer to be part of the journey.

Texture and color are among my favorite tools. 

Texture adds dimension to my work.  I use it in layers.  My painting surface will have textures added to it.  I add other textures as I paint.  And, I may add additional textures to the “finished” work.  The layers add complexity to the visual and the meaning. 

Color has the power to affect mood and meaning.  The subtleties of color changes add depth.  I am most gratified when a viewer is drawn into a work and starts his own journey, seeing his/her own experiences and thoughts.  There is no black or white in the interpretation.  It’s all grey.  Maybe that’s why I like color…





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